National Grid Smart is set to install 50,000 Smart Meters in Economy Energy customers’ homes across the UK as part of an agreed national contract.

The initiative is the first phase of an enduring partnership established to improve how Economy Energy’s customers can monitor their energy usage.

The rollout is in response to the British government’s request for energy companies to replace all old meters with smart meters by 2020.

Unlike traditional meters, smart meters automatically send usage information directly to the energy supplier – removing the need for manual readings and estimated bills.  

As well as being more convenient, the introduction of smart meters improves how consumers monitor and manage energy usage.

This promotion of energy efficiency will have significant long-term benefits in reducing the cost of bills and protecting the environment.

Lubna Khilji, managing director of Economy Energy, said: “Our new partnership with National Grid Smart is a great step forward in our mission to provide our customers with convenient and cost effective access to domestic energy.

“We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to all of our customers and believe the introduction of Smart Meters will help improve transparency and better engagement between energy companies and their customers.” 

Economy Energy is a growing independent UK energy supplier that provides approximately 174,000 customers with cost-effective gas and electricity.

Simon Jamieson, head of business development for National Grid Smart said: “We are delighted to have developed such a strong relationship with Economy Energy and look forward to supporting their Smart Meter roll out needs over the coming years. This initial installation of meters is the beginning of what we see as a long term partnership.”

National Grid Smart and Economy Energy will install an initial 50,000 meters during 2017, and will aim to extend this through to 2020.


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