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Are you thinking of changing electricity supplier?

If you pay the bills then you can choose whatever energy supplier you want. We all need electricity, it's just one of those things. The telly, phone chargers, lights, washing machines, tumble dryers - we all need them. But why pay more than you need to? 

See how much you can save… it only takes a few minutes:
  • All you need is your postcode and an old energy bill - or tell us about your energy habits
  • You choose: fixed or variable tariffs
  • Switch with confidence: you have 14 days to cancel your switch
  • Track the progress of your switch in your 'My Account'

We also supply

Compare our gas tariffs and see how much you can save
Dual Fuel
Compare our dual fuel tariffs and see how much you can save

More smarts, less worries

We're installing Smart Meters across the country

That's smart...
With our Smart Meter and In-Home display, you can see instantly how your habits and lifestyle impact your energy usage and spend.
  • Enjoy accurate bills, no more estimates
  • Automatic meter readings
  • Top up using your smartphone
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