Giving you more for less

We've broken it all down to give you a few tips relating to each of the key areas and activities around the house that use the most energy.

Getting toasty

Be in time - program your timers regularly to keep as much control as possible over your energy. Look at investing into new technology like a smart thermostat or Chop Clock to help you out. 

Keep your radiators free - try not to cover your radiators as it is unsafe and stops the heat from circulating around your home.

Stay nice and cosy - try to keep your windows closed when it's chilly and draw your curtains. 

Stay toasty - did you know turning your heating down by 1˚C could save you £60 a year? So stay warm by wearing lots of layers and slippers to insulate your body. 

Staying cosy

Don't let the heat escape! - Keep your home nice and warm by considering insulating it. Loft insulation, internal wall insulation, cavity wall insulation and double glazing are all options you could consider. You could even claim back some of the cost from the government. Even adding draught excluders to windows and doors is a cheap way to stay cosy. You can get cavity wall insulation from us for free. 

DIY - if double glazing isn't an option then consider using plastic sheeting kits. Stick them over the window and shrink with a hair dryer to give a crease-free finish.

Don’t forget! - About the smaller areas like keyholes and gaps, these can make you use more energy as well. 

Don't leave the tap running

Be efficient - keep a bath for the times you want to treat yourself, a shower uses a fraction of the water you would use for a bath. If you have to have a bath then don't fill the tub up too much. The less you use the more energy you save!

Remember! - To always put the plug in the sink and don't leave the water running!

Switch them off!

Switch it off! - If you leave the room then switch it off, this is a simple way to save. 

Energy saving bulbs - you should only use the rating you need. 

Stay prepped!

Keep it cool - let your food cool down before putting it in your fridge/freezer or you'll make your appliance work too hard. Try keeping your units at the correct temperature: 4° for the fridge and -18° for the freezer.

The best place for your fridge/freezer - keep your fridge/freezer appliance out of the way of other appliances that get hot, making your fridge/freezer work too hard uses more energy. Always keep them three quarters full and defrost regularly to keep them working well.

Always look for a more efficient way - when purchasing new appliances always look out for efficiency labels, this will save you more energy.

Getting the dinner started

Stick the kettle on - fill the kettle with what you need by measuring the water with your cup. The kettle is also more efficient than boiling water on the hob. 

Toast! - Using a toaster is far quicker and efficient than using the grill.

Heat up quicker - heat food quicker by using your microwave, slow or pressure cooker. All are more efficient than using your oven.

Keep the lid on it - try putting a lid on your pan, this will heat the contents quicker and save energy. Use a ring on the hob that matches your pan, if the ring is too small and the pan is too big this will waste energy. Or try putting more than one thing in a pan.


The washing won't do itself

Be cooler - choose the lower temperature option on your washing machine and buy the special powders which work better on the lower temperatures. Even if you have an economy button as an option you should use it! This will drastically help you save on energy.

Peg it out - tumble dryers are expensive to run and use a lot of energy. Pegging your washing out on the line or using a clothes horse will make a big difference and costs nothing!

Keeping your electrics in check

Change the way you charge - if you're not using it then switch it off, this way you won't waste any energy. Only charge your appliances for as long as you need to, then unplug!

Don’t leave your stuff on standby - standby still uses energy, so stay on top of your usage by switching it off. 

What about the TV? - TV's are a big culprit for wasting energy, as well as gaming consoles, laptops and computers. If you're not using it, then switch it off. 

Free Advice

For independent, expert advice on saving energy in your home, contact your local energy advice centre: England and Wales: Contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 (all you pay for is a national rate call). Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm and Saturday, 10am to 2pm. Alternatively you can email [email protected].

To see a copy of the BEIS guidelines (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) on energy efficiency click here.