So here’s something we haven’t done before…

Fun tips for moving!

As an energy supplier we want you to have an easy transition from one house to another, so here are some tips that may help you!

  1. Coloured tape!

Coloured tape will be your best friend! Get some masking tape with a plain pattern and a marker pen. The tape can be used in colour coordination, assign each room in your home with a specific colour.
You can then write the room name on tape!

  1. Pad your makeup bag out!

This one’s for the makeup lovers out there. Moving homes can be messy sometimes and occasionally things get broken! Add toilet paper and cotton pads into the makeup bag, this way your make up will be protected. Broken makeup is not what you need when you’re moving.

  1. Want to save time and space?

Leaving your clothes hung up in your wardrobe, this will save you the hassle of packing. It also means you won’t have to waste time re-hanging them.

  1. Is your new home ready to go?

If you get a chance to visit your new home before your moving date, you should take the opportunity to make sure it’s nice and tidy! This way you can get into the property and unpack straight away and then relax.

  1. Our last tip is… pack an overnight bag!

The last thing you need after packing your home away for your move is to start rummaging around for anything you might need the night before.

Factoring in what you need the night before will save you a lot of hassle. This way you can have a great last night’s sleep in your house and say hello to the new house in the morning.

At the end of all this don’t forget to call your energy supplier and inform them you’ve moved into your new property! It’s that easy!

We hope it all goes well!

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