Here at Economy Energy we take pride in supporting a local charity each year and helping out other people as much as we can.

This year we have chosen Coventry Open Christmas, a local homeless charity, to support and raise money for throughout the year.

Coventry Open Christmas expressed their desire to reach £600 this year in order to buy camp beds for the homeless at the shelter and any more products and provisions they would need.

So far Economy Energy have raised a total of £226.72 which is great news as we are only half way through the year and plan on raising more!

During Easter time we had a week of fun and games in the office for the good cause. These games included ‘guess the name of the bunny’, ‘guess how many eggs are in the jar’ and an egg-hunt around the office! We did the same for the beginning of World Cup season which included, ‘guess how many balls in the jar’, find the football in the office, and we even did best dressed desks. Each department chose a different football team and dressed their desks in the colours of this country. Our IT and Data department went above and beyond creating their own t-shirts with all things Japanese! We thought we would have some fun with this and auctioned off the shirts at the end of the week which raised a lot of money!

We plan to continue supporting the charity this year and have a number of ways in which we hope to do this. We are going to continue with bake sales which are always a firm favourite! Not only do we raise money while doing this but there’s the chance for the baker to win best looking cakes and best tasting! We are also planning on a harvest festival at the end of September. While we won’t be raising money as such, we still want to do our part and collect as many tins and non-perishable food as possible, along with any other products the charity needs to help support the homeless.

Christmas time will also be another busy period as we hope to do another auction! This went down really well previously and we will also collect Christmas present boxes and warm clothing / blankets. We hope to be able to donate a lot more at this time of year.

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