Smart meters

Welcome to the world of Smart with Economy Energy

At Economy Energy, we know the future is Smart - and from 2016, we're making Smart meters available to our customers.

More accurate bills

Smart meters are clever pieces of kit — they can even send us your meter readings automatically, so gone will be the days of estimated bills, visits from a meter reader or sending your own meter reads.

Top-up anywhere, anytime


Register for the online payment service and top-up on your laptop, mobile or tablet in the comfort of your home — Click Smart top up button bellow to register.

Over the phone

Simply call 0333 103 9053 and press option 5, then follow the instructions. Easy.

By Text

Send PAY followed by your top up card number and amount to 024 76 100 767 (you have to register for an online account first).

On the go

Top-up in one of the 1000s PayPoint stores across the country using your payment card.

* Please make your first top up is in store to ensure your payment card is registered.

Hand holding house and people

Information at your fingertips

As a Smart meter customer, you’ll be offered an In-Home Display (or IHD), which will open up a world of useful information — such as how much gas or electricity you’re using, and how much it costs — to help you manage your energy use effectively.

Smart benefits

There are some great benefits to going Smart with Economy Energy and using our In-Home Displays:

  • You’ll be able to see your tariff details and how much you’re spending
  • We can send you useful messages straight to your In-Home Display
  • You’ll have access to lots of useful information at the touch of a button, such as viewing/comparing your usage, checking CO2 emissions and account information — find out more in our Smart Meter Handbook and IHD Guide (read our Smart Meter Data Charter for more about the data standards we’ll follow)
  • Managing your bills and payments will be easy — you can view top-up history, activate emergency credit and top-up online from the comfort of your home
  • You can set or change your usage targets and credit alerts, so you know exactly when it’s time to top-up

Energy suppliers are required by the government to follow a code of practice surrounding the installation of smart meters. In , energy regulator Ofgem approved The Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP).

The purpose of the code was to ensure that customers receive a high level of service during the installation process, and ensure that customers feel comfortable with the equipment that has been installed in the property. As well as this, energy suppliers are now required to provide customers with energy efficiency advice for their home.

You can view the SMICoP here.

Thank you

Thanks for registering your interest for Smart with Economy Energy. We’ve received your details and will be in touch soon.